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The National Grocers Association faced many of the issues that handicap association in-house publishing: Rushed execution timetables, second-priority project execution and content creation that focused on filling the holes rather than truly engaging the audience. Before it became a custom publication by Mike Smith, the association's annual show issue was solid, but uninspiring. Here's a sample:


Following a bold graphic redesign and wholesale content re-crafting by Mike Smith, the annual-show special issue not only returned to its rightful position as the centerpiece of this prestige event, but it also delivered engagement pull-through beyond the show's boundaries by providing meaningful editorial content that positioned the association as the industry authority on several important issues.


So meaningful was the change in character of the publication that by the following year, it had evolved into a magazine within its own right, i Magazine for the independent retailer, featuring high-value graphic content, strategic editorial execution and ghost writing throughout by Mike Smith.


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Walco Animal Health's Dairy Health Update program included a high-quality quarterly magazine, digital presence, a cusomized lead-followup system for all field divisions and collaterol marketing campaigns, all aimed at building longterm customer value for the sponsor by post-sale nurturing that encourages customer retention.

Foster longterm value

Traditional ag journalism gave up the shop when it turned itself into stenography rather than story-telling. That's good news for content marketers with the vision and courage to lean in and really stand up for what their brand believes. This is what that strength of voice looks like, through the words and pictures of Mike Smith.

Fearless ag journalism for a fearful age

The paradox of modern journalism is this: As the traditional advertising-based funding has dried up, the demand for quality information has only increased. For the visionary professional association, the opportunity to become the go-to source has never been better, as the National Grocers Association demonstrated when it revamped its fatigued show-based magazine into "i magazine" by calling on the design, editorial direction and writing capabilities of Mike Smith

Take back the mantle of authority

Who better to teach the technical aspects of your customer's business than your own experts? Farmland Industries' Practical Health series, including beef- and dairy-cattle health-care magazines, a collateral newsletter to help dealers capitalize on the program, and a pilot horse and companion-animal care spin-off magazine, all worked to turn that company's dealers into the center of expertise in helping customers work through animal-health buying decisions. Can you think of a better invitation to sell?

Want permission to sell? Then educate


Step 1: Choose your audience

Picked your Audience?

Ag marketers use print magazines at a rate nearly two-thirds higher than the average marketer, with just under seven in 10 saying they still make use of magazines in some way. Why? Fewer and fewer farmers every year taking a larger and larger market share means today's ag customer requires a long-duration sales cycle emphasizing after-sale nurturing and focus on long-term customer value. Targeting the existing customer base makes print content a natural customer-retention tool.
Step 2: Set objectives

Defined your Objectives?

This is not your father's marketing communication. It's not even your older sister's. Custom content, print or digital, in today's market has to answer to a tall order when it comes to performance standards: Strategically concepted, flawlessly targeted, carefully executed and fully held to results controls.
Step 3: Hire Mike Smith

Hire the Best

Once you have the audience and objectives and you need the inspired mechanic to put his hands on the job and execute from the beginning concept to the final ROI evaluation and all points in between, call. With decades of content experience, I am your content marketing advocate not afraid to get dirt under his fingernails.
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